Do you offer warranty for Birdsong guitar amps?

BirdSong tweed amp clones are constructed for optimal reliability so that you can enjoy playing your electric guitar for as long as you want, but nothing is perfect.

So we offer 2-year warranty* after the initial purchase of the tube guitar amplifier.

If your tweed amp starts to malfunction, let us know at, and we will repair or replace the guitar amp, free of charge.

By the way, did you know that handmade tube guitar amps are much easier to repair than factory amps? So even if your warranty period is over, a guitar amp tech will be able to check and repair your handmade tube amp at the fraction of the price of the repair of a factory-made PCB guitar amplifier. Ask any tech, and he will confirm this!



How are BirdSong guitar amps made?

BirdSong tweed tube guitar amplifiers are handmade in China by a small group of experienced tube guitar amp builders.
Then these handmade amps are shipped to Belgium where they are opened and tested on +25 test points.
By doing this, and selling directly to consumers, we are able to keep prices low.
Doing so we can offer the best value for money for our tweed amp clones.

Some things we do in Belgium:
• Audio test of the amplifiers
• Test of speakers
• Check of correct voltages on several test points in the circuit
• Tubes are tested on microphonics, rebiased if necessary,…
• Some tweaks to cancel hum
• Some mods to improve tone
• Test of the structural integrity of the soldering and cabinet construction
• Tone test with single-coil and humbucker electric guitar

Only after passing these tests, these tweed amps are sent to you.


Other handmade tube amps are much more expensive. Why are BirdSong amps so affordable?

Simple: we source the handmade amps directly from the workshop, and sell directly to the consumer via the web.

There are no importers, traders, music stores, etc. that need to be paid, and no expensive marketing costs.


Are BirdSong guitar amps boutique amps?

No. Boutique amps are crafted by small home-based guitar amp builders.
Our amps are not boutique amps but are handcrafted by professional builders in China.
After that, the tweed amps are sent to Europe where they are extensively tested before shipped to the users.
This enables us to provide you with one of the best electrical guitar tube amps around, considering the price.


Can I replace the 6Z4 tube with any other 6Z4 tube from another brand?

No. Our 6Z4 rectifier tubes have another pinout than USA or European models.
Replacing the rectifier tube will have no effect on guitar sound whatsoever, and could possibly damage your amp. So the only reason to replace this tube would be if it became defective.
You can get a 6Z4 replacement here.




* Warranty does not include:
• Tubes

• Normal wear and tear due to usage

• Shipping costs

• Amps that are customized to the client’s specification