Kestrel – ’57 Tweed Princeton

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Like the BirdSong Merlin, this amp is based on the coveted 5F2a Tweed Champ / Princeton schematic, but with a larger speaker, giving this tweed amp a warmer bottom end and a broader frequency response.

From lush sparkly cleans at low volume, to a nice raw overdrive when pushed, this amp has that typical vintage tweed tone.

Like all BirdSong amps, the Kestrel is hand constructed and soldered on eyelet board.

Only components of excellent quality are used, such as Sprague Orange Drop® capacitors, JJ® or Shuguang® Tubes and Celestion® speakers.

The Kestrel is covered in expertly applied tweed covering, while the period correct oxblood grille cloth and chickenhead knobs complete the aesthetic package.

Just like the original tweed Champ, the Kestrel uses a tube rectifier, which adds extra compression for that true vintage guitar tone.

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  • Tweed amp clone using the 5F2a Champ / Princeton circuit
  • Celestion® Ten 30 speaker
  • Sprague Orange Drops® coupling capacitors
  • 6V6 output tube and 12ax7 preamp tube (Shuguang® or JJ®)
  • Tube rectifier
  • Handwired on eyelet board
  • Pine cabinet
  • Tweed amp covering
  • Chickenhead knobs
  • One Volume and one tone control
  • 5 watts of tube power


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 44 × 27 × 44 cm

8 reviews for Kestrel – ’57 Tweed Princeton

  1. Wolfgang Watermann (verified owner)

  2. Volkmar K. (verified owner)

    Nice little amp with a sensitive, but mighty tone!

  3. Markus (verified owner)

    I’m thrilled so much amp for a great price. It is well crafted and the Celestion Ten Thirty sounds great. It’s a really good amp i enjoy, i haven’t regretted the purchase and Birdsong’s customer service is excellent.

  4. Frank H. (verified owner)

    Weniger ist mehr!
    Der kleine Amp atmet und reagiert wie ein echter “Champ”!
    5 Watt sind sehr laut im Wohnzimmer, daher Crunch (oder mehr) gerne mit Pedalen, die sehr gut mit dem Amp agieren.
    Klare Kaufempfehlung für alle, die nicht alles brauchen, sondern den einen Sound suchen!

  5. Markus A. (verified owner)

  6. jarmo kortesmaa (verified owner)

    Too cool!

  7. Christian Dude (verified owner)

    Nice little Amp, who is in one row with my Fender Blues Deluxe or other Fender amps under 1000 Euro! A little brighter but so usefull, warm and dynamic it is a Joy!
    I Love him… best Small amp i ever had, and i had a lot! This one is a Keeper….

    Image #1 from Christian Dude
  8. Edmund Bell (verified owner)

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