Merlin – ’57 Tweed Champ

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Providing warm tube sound, this little champ nails that authentic tweed amp tone, and is perfect for home practice, studio, or intimate gigs.

We used the original 5F2a Tweed Princeton schematic – which is basically a 5F1 Champ with an added tone control – and packed it into a beautiful tweed pine cabinet.

True to the original, the Merlin is hand constructed and soldered on eyelet board. We only used components of excellent quality, such as Sprague Orange Drop® capacitors, JJ® or Shuguang® Tubes and a Celestion® speaker.

This single-ended class A design delivers wonderful cleans at low to moderate volumes. When turned up, you are indulged with a unique touch-sensitive overdrive.

The Merlin amplifier is covered in expertly applied tweed covering, while the period-correct oxblood grille cloth and chickenhead knobs complete the aesthetic package for this little amp.

Just like the original tweed Champ, the Merlin uses a tube rectifier, which provides extra compression for that true vintage tone.


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  • Tweed amp clone using the 5F2a Champ / Princeton circuit
  • Celestion® Eight 15 speaker
  • Sprague Orange Drops® coupling capacitors
  • 6V6 output tube and 12ax7 preamp tube (Shuguang® or JJ®)
  • Tube rectifier
  • Controls: volume and tone
  • Pine cabinet
  • Tweed amp covering
  • Leather handle
  • Chickenhead knobs
  • 5 watts
Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 37 × 23 × 39 cm

7 reviews for Merlin – ’57 Tweed Champ

  1. Michael Riordan (verified owner)

    Great amp, just one comment. When it arrived one of the lamps was detached, other than that, it’s a terrific sounding amplifier.

  2. Johan Pauwels (store manager)

    Great little amp!

  3. Dirk Schierenberg (verified owner)

    Vom Sound her ein Fabelhafter Amp, auch der Tweed Stoff und die Bespannung sind aus gutem Material. Da ich aber gelernter Polsterer bin, sind mir sofort die leider etwas unsauber gearbeiteten Nähte. Ich habe hier zum Vergleich, mehrere FENDER Tweed Amps hier, da sind die Kanten und Übergänge perfekt vernäht. Aber klar, irgendwo müssen in dieser Preisklasse Abstriche gemacht werden. Dazu herrscht in China meist wesentlich mehr Druck, in der Produktion, für weniger Geld. Wer für 459€ einen tollen Champ Clone möchte, sollte zuschlagen. Ich gebe mal glatte 5 Sterne und hoffe, dass es eine Montag Morgen Produktion war.

  4. Tuomas Hillervo (verified owner)

  5. Pierre

    Great Amp ! Warm tone, subtly compressed. No “hum” ; light weight. I love it for Everyday use.

  6. Scott G. (verified owner)

    Blown away at how good this amp sounds. Loads of character. Perfect.

  7. Robin Håkansson (verified owner)

    All i gad hoped for and more. My fears of it being too quiet or not having enough bass response were completely unfounded. My dream amp!

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